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Santa Rosa, CA Area Pickleball Courts

Places to play pickleball on indoor or outdoor courts in Santa Rosa, Guerneville, Monte Rio, Petaluma, Windsor and other Santa Rosa, California area cities.

Pickleball Courts In California

Indoor and outdoor pickleball locations in the Santa Rosa area.

Looking for places to play pickleball in the Santa Rosa area? Pickleball court locations are listed by city with the number of indoor and/or outdoor courts, address, phone and website. Choose the comfort of climate-controlled indoor courts, or the fresh air and sunshine available on outdoor courts.

Nearby Places To Play Pickleball

Santa Rosa, CA boasts a delightful climate that enhances its reputation as a wonderful area for outdoor activities, including the beloved sport of pickleball. The city experiences a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. With over 250 sunny days per year, Santa Rosa offers ample opportunities for residents and visitors to engage in outdoor pursuits year-round. The city provides well-maintained parks, community centers, and sports facilities that feature pickleball courts, ensuring that players of all levels can enjoy the game. Santa Rosa's commitment to promoting an active lifestyle is evident in its extensive network of trails, expansive parks, and open spaces, providing a welcoming environment for outdoor enthusiasts. The pickleball community in Santa Rosa is vibrant and inclusive, organizing regular events, leagues, and social gatherings that foster connections and friendly competition among players. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, Santa Rosa's favorable weather and dedication to outdoor activity make it an exceptional destination to partake in the exciting and social sport of pickleball while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

Regulation indoor and outdoor pickleball courts are designed to meet specific standards and dimensions to ensure a consistent and fair playing experience for players. Outdoor pickleball courts typically measure 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, with a non-volley zone (commonly known as the kitchen) extending 7 feet from the net on both sides. The court is divided into right and left service courts, each measuring 10 feet wide. Outdoor courts are typically made of materials such as concrete, asphalt, or sports surfaces, providing a durable and suitable playing surface.

Indoor pickleball courts follow similar dimensions to outdoor courts, with the main difference being the playing surface. Indoor courts are often constructed with hardwood, rubber, or synthetic materials, providing better shock absorption and a more controlled playing surface. The dimensions of the court and the non-volley zone remain the same as outdoor courts.

Regulation pickleball courts provide a consistent and standardized playing environment, allowing players to develop their skills, compete, and enjoy the game at its best. Whether played indoors or outdoors, these courts are essential in fostering a thriving pickleball community and promoting the growth of the sport.

Pickleball locations in the Santa Rosa CA area.

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Guerneville Pickleball Courts

Pacheco Pickleball Courts
2 outdoor courts
14100 Old Cazadero Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446
707 869-9184

Monte Rio Pickleball Courts

Monte Rio Community Center
2 outdoor courts
20488 Highway 116, Monte Rio, CA 95462
707 865-9956

Petaluma Pickleball Courts

Lucchesi Park
4 outdoor courts
320 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954
707 778-4380

Santa Rosa Pickleball Courts

Airport Health Club
6 outdoor courts
432 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
707 528-2582

East Rec Center
6 outdoor courts
7902 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
707 539-1611

Finley Community Park
6 outdoor courts
2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
707 543-3737

Galvin Community Park
4 outdoor courts
3330 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
707 543-3281

Wikiup Tennis and Swim Club
2 outdoor courts
500 Wikiup Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
707 544-2330

Windsor Pickleball Courts

Hiram Lewis Park
2 outdoor courts
9680 Brooks Rd S, Windsor, CA 95492
707 838-5399

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